Creating Hyperreal Content

Using AI technology to expand creative and Visual Effects options.

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G-star Raw - Wear Your Denim Till the End


Client: G-Star RAW
Agency: The Family Amsterdam

Production company: HALAL Amsterdam
Director: Paul Geusebroek

VFX: Ambassadors

DOP: Albert Salas
Executive Producer: Job Sanders
Senior Producer: Natalie Wetherell
Service Production Company: Solent

Deep Fake: Revel.Ai
Grading: Crabsalad
Offline edit: Brian Ent
Music company: Sizzer
Audiomix: Sauvage Sound

Films | Series | Commercials

AI for the entertainment industry

Revel creates high end visuals for the entertainment and media industry using AI techniques. Working with top tier talent and directors we focus on film, series and commercials. 

AI can be a tool to have even more creative options. Services include:

  • Data capture talent services

  • Hyperreal digital humans and deepfake

  • Aging and de-aging

  • Avatars for the Metaverse

  • Buy-out free models

  • Bringing heroes back to life



Synthetic media

Revel AI 

There are many benefits to a deepfake or synthetic media in the entertainment industry. If you want to have more creative freedom with your top-talent, age them or de-age them, change a body double to your talent and make it look 100% real, it's all possible. And much more is possible.

Expand creative options
Top tier talent
without a shoot
High end Synthetic media
Increased social content output