AI techniques in the entertainment industry

Hyperreal digital humans

Creating hyperreal digital humans with AI technology is often referred to as deepfake. A deepfake technique is used to digitally alter video to make a person look like the talent you want it to look like. It's is a general term and still presents various options. 


Digital humans or avatars don't have to be a duplicate of an existing person. You can create your own, bespoke model or talent. Ideal for the beauty industry and buy-out free. 

Bringing heroes back to life

Sometimes you would like to bring your hero back to life, or even bring a person on screen who has never been on film. All of this is possible with our techniques.

Data capture talent services

As talent manager you need to ensure the good image of your talent and provide availability for content creation. Revel can provide a professional data capture resulting in a digital version of your talent, usable for all content creation. You will be able to provide more future proof options to brands at the highest quality.

Aging and de-aging

We can make any person look young, old, really old and make it look hyperreal. 100% real.


If your script needs your talent to have a twin or to face him- or herself, With AI we can make your actors look exactly the same.

Benefits of using AI

  • No longer limited by talent availability

  • Shoot anywhere in the world. Not restricted to where talent is available.

  • Freedom in storytelling and scriptwriting

  • More output options for digital or social content


"Synthetic media is a tool for your creativity".