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Would you like to work in a creative hub where we push technology to create awesome visuals? 

We're on the lookout for people who want to help us developing AI techniques and software to create video for the entertainment industry. If you don't see your desired role on this page, you can send an open letter and resume to: 

Machine learning engineer

Location Amsterdam

We are pushing the limits of machine- and deep learning to get more out of our data. Our end result is the highest possible quality synthetic videos. 

Python developer 

Location Amsterdam

As a python developer you will assist in developing our own proprietary software tool to create even better, hyperreal people and content for the entertainment industry. 

Send your application to

Creative Hub

  • We love making beautiful content

  • And work with some of the greats of the industry

  • We care about ethics 

  • We believe AI can be a life changing tool for the entertainment industry

  • We want to challenge industry standards and push the technology

Contact us 

Revel AI BV
Th.k. van Lohuizenlaan 196
1019 CD, Amsterdam
© 2022 By Revel AI. 
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